Owner Information

Consumer Alert


We are your management company and, as part of our services, we would like to alert you to the following:


WARNING:  Please be aware and cautious of companies that contact you first regarding your timeshare.  Companies that offer a “Transfer” or “Repurchase” opportunity should be strongly questioned.


Phrases such as “take your timeshare off your hands,” “never pay dues again,” or “unburden yourself” are warning phrases.  Do not succumb to pressure and do not sign any legal document without consulting your attorney.


It is highly recommended NOT to send money to these companies and NOT to sign any type of Power of Attorney over to them.


Any company that uses the name of your resort as a part of their company name or indicates that your resort is endorsing them, should be required to produce evidence to you that they have the legal right to use the resort’s name.


Many of these companies DO NOT have your best interest at heart.  If you are contacted by any of these companies, please call your management company.